First REDUCE your electricity usage

Then, go green with


Work with MASS SAVE to reduce carbon emissions

We worked with the TOWN ADMINISTRATOR IN LANCASTER to compete for an energy campaign offered by MASS SAVE where we will be awarded grant money for new Energy projects. Community members – homeowners, renters, landlords and small businesses can work together to conserve energy and more towards better platforms.

Energy Audits


Electrification through Heat Pumps

Replace inefficient lighting, windows, appliances, water fixtures to save money and help the environment.

Apply for 0% HEAT loan to replace your energy/heating bill with a new system for virtually the same price while eliminating heat trapping greenhouse gasses.

CALL NEEECO  (781) 309-7540 and tell them you saw our page for a donation to Cambridge Rotary Club Environmental Committee


We have less than a decade to drastically reduce our fossil fuel consumption. Converting to solar is a great option to control your electricity source. We are working with SUNRUN who offers No Cost solar programs, low interest programs or purchase programs. Call us at 978 962-1779.

This program is available in MA, RI, CT and NH.

Now, we created Nashoba Solar to offer NO COST Solar to install solar on your roof for same or less money than your current monthly electric bill. No money down, completed in a few months. You can opt to buy the system in 5 years at a reduced price.

Email or for more information.

THIN FILM RECYCLING WITH TREX – COMING SOON. We can collect 500 lbs of soft plastic, usually not recyclable, to donate to TREX. They will provide us with a bench.

Your Support is Essential