What towns can do to act together to reduce GHG emissions:

Install solar – no cost programs are available and easier than ever – ask us 978.962.1779 Save money and reduce your carbon impact!

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Buy an electric vehicle. Transportation causes 25% of greenhouse gases.

Get off of heating your home with oil or gas and create a cleaner house – install electric mini-splits that provide cooling and heating. They work in cold temperatures now – and MA offers 0% loans!

We work to hold our legislators accountable for a zero carbon future. Our actions encourage restoring the ecological integrity of our environment through community-based conservation and using technology to rapidly spur more sustainable and less harmful solutions. We focus on actions to make buildings, transportation, agriculture and industry adopt more sustainable solutions through education, activism and legislation.


Take care of nature and she will take care of us.

Deforestation is happening everywhere, even Massachusetts. We work with our building codes and Scenic Roads by laws to first preserve old growth trees that provide shade, cooling, and oxygen as a natural buffers to human activity. Contact the Town Forest Committee.

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