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What we do at NVCC:

We work to hold our legislators accountable for a zero carbon future. Our actions encourage restoring the ecological integrity of our environment through community-based conservation and using technology to rapidly spur more sustainable and less harmful solutions. We focus on actions to make buildings, transportation, agriculture and industry adopt more sustainable solutions through education, activism and legislation.
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How can you save the planet?

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How did we get here?

The current warming trend of the Earth is a direct result of the increase in human activities the past few centuries. In the 1800s, research showed human-produced carbon dioxide and other gases could accumulate in the atmosphere and insulate Earth, which sparked curiosity, rather than concern. The early 1980s mark a sharp increase in global temperatures. Many experts refer to 1988 as a crucial turning point in history when watershed events placed global warming in the spotlight. 1988 saw widespread drought and wildfires within the US. Scientists sounding the alarm about climate change began to see media and the public paying closer attention. “But if you ask even the most devout climate change believers how they think it’s going to affect them, they often can’t quite describe it,” If it’s hard to picture, it’s easy to ignore.

Powerful Photos of the World Feeling the Impact of Climate Change

Humans are hard-wired to react to threats only if they are immediate and we are experiencing it directly. Wildfires, sea level rising, shrinking ice sheets, droughts and floods give us ample evidence that threats from climate change are immediate. These disasters will only increase in frequency, scale, and location if we fail to take action. We must be conscious of our everyday decisions and learn the impact that human activities have on the environment. Our lack of ability to understand long-term consequences is no longer acceptable. We hope to see you all walk away from this moment with the future in mind, ready to make changes in your life to lower your carbon footprint. NVCC hopes everyone can think of a definitive action in mind to begin immediately to help save our planet. Check our our initiatives, legislative, solar, events and blog pages to find ways you can take action.

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Take care of nature and she will take care of us.

Our negligence has catapulted climate change from an existing challenge to the dire crisis it is now. We are exponentially approaching limits beyond what the planet can handle. We cannot deny or ignore this issue any longer and we need to stop our half-hearted attempts and instead, act in proportion to the magnitude of this problem. 

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