June 28th 6:30 pm TAKING ACTION 2021: Testing Climate Solutions by MIT developed En-ROADS Tool Facilitated by Citizens Climate Lobby
Co-hosted by Thayer Memorial Library by Zoom

We know that the energy and agricultural sectors are huge contributors to carbon emissions. As Greta and the younger generation understands, we are spiraling toward 4 degrees Celsius warming unless we take drastic action. What changes can you make?

We will discuss these timely topics – transition your electricity source off of fossil fuels, tips for gardening for biodiversity and reducing your carbon footprint and trash volume through curbside composting.

·         ENERGY: HOW TO CONVERT TO ROOFTOP/GROUND MOUNT SOLAR AT NO COST – Rebecca Young, Sunny Energy and Jeff Gaskill, Boundless Energy 20  minutes

              Long before the election, electricity providers were required to offer electricity with some renewable content in their portfolio. Now, with the passage of the MA Climate Bill, 1 million homes need to convert off their oil and gas systems to preview the worst                 climate catastrophe. Both NGRID and Eversource offer rooftop solar at the same price at your average electric bill. Connected to efficient mini splits for heating and cooling and you are cutting your heating oil or gas dependency.

            Rebecca introduces the program to explain what homes make good candidates.  Tax rebates are still strong at 21% and can be used towards a new roof!  If your electric bill is $100 a month, go solar and reduce carbon impact!

           Jeff Gaskill gives details and examples.


How to spot invasives that might be strangling your garden

Plants that should take front end center for the birds and the bees

Shrinking your lawn to reduce your carbon footprint

  •     CURBSIDE COMPOSTING –  Tom LeClair,   Black Earth Composing  – 10 minutes

           Do you want to compost your food but you are worried about attracting critters?  Cut your trash volume and  smile, knowing that you are reducing your trash and creating a great byproduct the next spring. You can reduce your regular trash pick up and reduce what goes to the landfill!  Trash is up 25% in many towns.

Nashoba Valley Climate CoalitionLet’s build a movement. To promote action from our legislature, towns and ourselves towards a zero carbon future while encouraging innovation and economic justice for those affected.
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