May 12th 7 pm: TAKING ACTION 2021: No-Cost Solar and Gardening for Biodiversity –

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining and we are thinking about solar and gardens.

NO COST SOLAR OPTIONS – SUNNY ENTERPRISES Join us for a quick evening on the latest NO COST Solar programs that offer a quick and affordable for many households to go renewable at no financial commitment more than their normal electric bill. We must transition our electric source by millions of households over the next 5 years. Learn how this could be a great solution for you, a friend, family member or colleague.

GARDENING FOR BIODIVERSITY – STEPHANIE WHITE GARDEN COACH. We know the birds, bees and bugs are in an extinction spiral. Rethink your garden as a respite for these tiny creatures that do the hard work of pollinating and giving us enjoyment. We will discuss invasives, popular plants for birds and bees, and shrinking your lawn.

CURBSIDE COMPOSTING – BLACK EARTH COMPOSTING If you do not have the space or worry about critters but want to reduce your trash volume, consider spending on composting and less on trash removal. You will keep your wastestream to a minimum and get black earth each spring.

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